Saturday, August 26, 2017


Tarkarli is a small town place made famous by its white sand beaches and water sports.
We had started from Mumbai railway station to Sindhudurg station by an overnight train to spent our three day short vacation in Konkan in the west coast of India.
We reached by 10 am and luckily found a shared taxi to our small guest house which we had booked in advance.
(This place is not much commercialised hence hard to find luxury resorts here but staying in guest house with locals gives an another level of experience)
Our stay was right next to the Tarkarli beach from where the soothing sound of the sea waves lashing against the sandy beach is clearly audible.

After having our breakfast we went to beach for a long walk.
This place really offers an oceans bliss with soft white sand beaches, cool breeze and awesome sun shine.

After a delicious lunch with local delicacies we got a scooter on rent with around 300 INR/day without fuel for 3 days. And went to awesome Devbag beach and Wayari beach, both the beaches are untouched natural beauty.

Next day we had a early morning as we had to go for water sports to tsunami island.

We accompanied a group of around eight people who also stayed at the same guest house and enjoyed water sports like kayaking, high-speed motorboat and water scooter, banana ride, bumper ride, all of which was very thrilling. We also played with flying disc (frisbee) in the shallow island seas and had quite a fun. This place is quite famous for scuba as well.
We returned to our stay before sunset and spend sunset time at calm and silent Tarkarli beach.

After dinner we all set and enjoyed camp fire on the beach with music and long chats.
Last day we had been to Sindhudurg fort and also visited awesome ocean rock garden. 
Sindhudurg Fort

Rock Garden

And one of the most amazing experience of Tarkarli was parasailing right above the deep ocean waters, with massive waves rocking the boat and giving the feeling of overcoming the power of the seas and the wind simultaneously.

Like all good trips, we came back with some memorabilia as a token from the ocean

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Basic Data Analysis in Excel: Charts and Tables

This blog is related to following :
  •  Introduction to Reporting in Excel
  •  Excel Tables
  •  Basic Pivot Tables and Chart
  •  Dashboards
Introduction to Reporting in Excel :

Generally we report data in Excel but do not know how to use that data and how to represent that data graphically. In the below screenshot there are steps to follow to represent data graphically.
Consider the sales data for a bicycle company over the years for different countries.

Select data in Excel and then go to insert tab and choose any type of chart: Bar, Line, Pie etc.

Excel Tables : Excel tables are formatted tables which are more user friendly and functional for calculations and formulas.

To create excel table select data and then select table from insert tab.
There is total row check box to find multiple result at the last row of the data such as Sum, Max, Min.

Basic Pivot Tables and Chart : Pivot tables are one of Excel's most powerful features. A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set.

Step to create Pivot table :

1) Select Pivot table option from insert tab.
2) Create Pivot table pop up appears as given below.

3) After select "OK" on new sheet pivot table with all columns on the LHS will appear.
4) Select Column Label , Row label and Value section as per the desire report in pivot.

5) You can select multiple columns/rows/report filters as shown below.

Pivot Chart :
Steps to create pivot charts :
1) Select pivot table data.
2) Select pivot chart from option tab.
3) Insert Chart pop up will appears.
4) Select Chart type and template then select "OK".
5) Pivot chart will appear as per the pivot table with all applied filters.